A vital member of The Convoy – this pair of vintage Sony TC260 tape machines, (removed from their native homes and rehoused permanently inside a custom roadcase) underpinning and activating crucial aspects of our sounding: ACCUMULATION, TIME, INFINITY, ACCOUNTABILITY

Two sister machines, feeding each other in a regenerative and eternal loop.

One records an imprint of the present, overlaid with the echos of the past, travels down a windy path to the other, who reads this imprint and sends forward to amplification, to be picked up by the one who records. On and on forever.

These machines were both acquired through the co-conspiring of and with the universe – one found on the side of the road in Brunswick 2009, one machine a gift from a dear friend ten years later. Anybody that’s played with tape loops before surely knows the tribulations involved in getting these machines mechanically stable so they cooperate creatively. A few years of tribulations in coaxing the pair to cooperate led to what you see here, Matt’s innovate solution. Two things in One.

To play with them is to play with active agents, they holding us accountable to past actions as impulses return for integration, smoothing into the whole.