The Oracle is an powerful multichannel sound system that we have assembled to produce immense volume, to vibrate and charge bodies, minds, spaces. However: THIS.IS.NOT.ABOUT.BEING.LOUD

Loudness, untempered projection, talking over the top…in whichever ways it is practiced, is the domain of the patriarchy and the oppressive energy that nullifies surroundings and diminishes others. Our work is performed by LISTENING. By listening we attune to, access, and amplify that which is lost in the everyday mundane, that which the tiring old patriarchal capitalism seeks to obliterate from the top down, rendering meaningless and invisible. Our work is performed by settling in to and embracing the precious and delicate microcosm of subtle phenomena which informs and guides our creative vision from the bottom up. From this place we can go about our artistry, organising novel happenings inside a composition that unfolds as essentially as the chaos which is embodied within. Sometimes gently, sometimes rapidly, but always remaining connecting with the infinite ecology of Nature as our teacher. Always listening and always honouring the immense creative potential of the moment in which we are here now with one another. Through our work we seek to activate this Way. On a larger scale (think intergalactic sized chicken) this is Unity consciousness to which we aspire, that we hope our work is exemplary of, that we hope brings joy and love and inspiration. AMPLIFY IN DIVERSITY