About Us

Consider. Sunrise ignites expansive landscapes, engulfed with elemental offerings from the natural world which perpetually invite wonder and revere. Revere, Air felt in all it’s transparent honesty; through which songs from all walks and swims and flights of life are transmitted, unbridled, uncensored, without regard for species nor size nor status. Nature, all around, breathes and governs with growth and decay; a lifeforce which commands fear, honour and awe. How easily we forget the Sun – the source of this All –  perpetually radiating generous hues of abundant golden light, will one day also dance the universal dance and emit a final dying light. 

Trust, on this day, we are gradually granted a gentle fade to black, we are subtly granted the promise of an eventual return. Darkness descends and dims the songs of the daylight to a grateful silence in the entrancing still of the void. Fearless fractals of light break through the quiet of the night and illuminate the infinite depth of the night sky. Consider. Such loneliness and harmony, such abundance, such endless giving is seen in the light of these beacons, shimmering generously with the eternal vastness of the cosmos. 

Consider. This is the space from which the soundings of The Convoy emanate.

Matt Faisandier (processed electric guitar, voice) and Erin K Taylor (percussion, voice) move with mystical gullies of sound. Breathing, inducing and collaging waves of sound merge and crash through ¼” tape, each and all destined and united through one fate – to be amplified via the one and only Oracle. Immersive journeys spell a spectacle of the dynamic myriad. With, within and of, The Convoy flows & shape-shifts mesmeric nows.


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