Mould Me


Our wonderful collaboration ‘Mould me/Expiry Dates’ with Immy Chau has been published via Liquid Architecture’s Disclaimer journal.

“The improvised recording is awash with the weather conditions at the time, the strong morning rain drenched the garden at Magnet — the studio where this work was performed and recorded — eventually becoming the evening rain which had subdued to a gentle drip by the time we began recording.

We amplified this drip into the Spatial Studio using a wireless contact mic on the water tank in which it sounded. It is from this unlikely hollow that the introductory pulse felt in the opening ebb and flow of ‘Mould Me / Expiry Dates’ emerged.”

We hope you will here echoes of this.
MjF, EKT, Immy

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The Chemistry of the Work in The Norla Dome – MMW – 22nd November 2019

Immersive Sound Journeys in The Norla Dome

22nd Nov 2019

Infinite love and gratitude for everyone that participated in this sell-out show. We had such a great time preparing, performing, conversing, and experiencing the chemistry of the work propagate and permeate.

A friend reflects:

I felt very held + moved – buffeted, opened, lifted, dissolved, pieced back together in a new way… there were times in the performance where I felt the reciprocity of my energy, emotion, dreaming enter + be returned through their performance.

…the music carried me + washed, thundered through me.


Special thanks goes to Todd Anderson Kunert for his wonderful performance, Chua Nguyen (Audio,) Ben Andrews (Lighting), Bec Di… (Crew ) Justine Walsh (People), Daria, Charlie and the Mission to Seafarers team, MMW and THE ORACLE for always being turned up on time!

We’ll be stepping back from performing for the next few months while we spend the time building a quadraphonic sound design for new multisensory VR work due early next year




Immersive Sound Journeys in the Norla Dome

Intricate Masses. Experiential Voyages, volume and the finest subtleties of time.

Journey in a live, immersive, sensory sound-to-light world with The Convoy.

Experience The Oracle, a purpose-built sound system capable of transmitting vast, deep and immense spectrums of vibratory volume

Also embodying textural subsonics, Todd Anderson-Kunert performs spatiotemporal synthesiser explorations.

A traditional Smoking Ceremony performed by Wurundjeri elders invites our gathering to pay homage to the rich and deep history of Birrarangga
Recognising, acknowledging and unequivocally supporting Indigenous Sovereignty

Listen and converge at the historic Mission to Seafarers Norla Dome on Saturday 22nd November.

Such golden density vibrates

Such golden density vibrates our next performance coming up so soon at Brunswick Mechanics Institute this Friday 13th September.

Erin K Taylor‘s practice reaches back through a lineage of Tibetan Buddhist Masters stretching back thousands of years. The essential trans-dimensional golden light quality of the sound of this gong has been accumulated through ancient practices of intense focus on radiating outwards for the benefit of all sentient beings. This 24″ #gong was handcrafted in the Himalayan mountains with intention folded into the metal with every hammer blow, and sourced by Erin’s teacher, Venerable Lobsang Tendar of the Medicine Buddha Healing Center.


The Oracle is an powerful multichannel sound system that we have assembled to produce immense volume, to vibrate and charge bodies, minds, spaces. However: THIS.IS.NOT.ABOUT.BEING.LOUD

Loudness, untempered projection, talking over the top…in whichever ways it is practiced, is the domain of the patriarchy and the oppressive energy that nullifies surroundings and diminishes others. Our work is performed by LISTENING. By listening we attune to, access, and amplify that which is lost in the everyday mundane, that which the tiring old patriarchal capitalism seeks to obliterate from the top down, rendering meaningless and invisible. Our work is performed by settling in to and embracing the precious and delicate microcosm of subtle phenomena which informs and guides our creative vision from the bottom up. From this place we can go about our artistry, organising novel happenings inside a composition that unfolds as essentially as the chaos which is embodied within. Sometimes gently, sometimes rapidly, but always remaining connecting with the infinite ecology of Nature as our teacher. Always listening and always honouring the immense creative potential of the moment in which we are here now with one another. Through our work we seek to activate this Way. On a larger scale (think intergalactic sized chicken) this is Unity consciousness to which we aspire, that we hope our work is exemplary of, that we hope brings joy and love and inspiration. AMPLIFY IN DIVERSITY




A vital member of The Convoy – this pair of vintage Sony TC260 tape machines, (removed from their native homes and rehoused permanently inside a custom roadcase) underpinning and activating crucial aspects of our sounding: ACCUMULATION, TIME, INFINITY, ACCOUNTABILITY

Two sister machines, feeding each other in a regenerative and eternal loop.

One records an imprint of the present, overlaid with the echos of the past, travels down a windy path to the other, who reads this imprint and sends forward to amplification, to be picked up by the one who records. On and on forever.

These machines were both acquired through the co-conspiring of and with the universe – one found on the side of the road in Brunswick 2009, one machine a gift from a dear friend ten years later. Anybody that’s played with tape loops before surely knows the tribulations involved in getting these machines mechanically stable so they cooperate creatively. A few years of tribulations in coaxing the pair to cooperate led to what you see here, Matt’s innovate solution. Two things in One.

To play with them is to play with active agents, they holding us accountable to past actions as impulses return for integration, smoothing into the whole.